Chakras Meditation & Healing 2

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I am pleased to launch the Chakra Meditation & Healing II course. In this course, I was given some esoteric information (by AHOL) as to the relationships between the souls, rays, and chakras. Also, the knowledge and use of Sacred Geometry. Then, the focus will be on the activation of the chakras and sacred geometry. This is elaborated based on Part 1 Lessons of the Chakras.

Last, I feel that it is most important to contemplate on the knowledge so that you can apply it in your daily living. You will be asked to journal for discussions. Other suggestions to heal the chakras will be given as well.

Please note, this course is only offered to Soul Group January 2021 who participated in the Part 1 workshop.

In this course, we will begin to explore the Light and its different expressions (although they are all the same):

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