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Well done in completing Module 1! How has it been for you? Do share your key learnings in the discussion forum.

You can continue to heal all or individual chakras through the guided meditations as often as you like. In the next module (launching on November 1), we will take a deep dive and learn to identify when your chakra is imbalanced (over active or under active) and ways to heal them.

Below are some Frequently Asked Questions that Margie answered in Module 1, and if you have any other questions, do leave it in our discussion forum!

There are no set rules. I highly recommend that you practice daily, however short. I have made recordings for each chakra in addition to all 7 chakras. You can either focus on one or do them all.

Meditation is energy work. Before you know how to master it, you may experience different kinds of sensations in your body or in your inner vision. Relax and just allow these to take place. Eventually, the energy will subside when you are aligned.

I do not suggest because for those who haven’t learned the background knowledge, this may confuse them, or even hamper their progress.


It’s time to review the materials in Module 1! Click Module 1 Quiz below to start: