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Issues & Contemplation: Crown Chakra Copy

1. Crown Chakra

2. Contemplation


To write in your online journal for contemplation, click the “Take Notes” button.
(To access all your notes, click on the “My Notes” link on the left navigation panel. You will be able to edit, download and print all your notes.)

When it comes to the crown chakra, the focus is on the connection with Source.

  • It is beyond miracles that you have this life. Do you experience miracles and grace in your life? Do you experience life through Source?
  • Are you aware of synchronicities?
  • Can you quiet your mind?
  • Are you able to discern in the activities and choices of your daily living?
  • Are you able to surrender?
  • Are you ready to be of service to humankind and other kingdoms created by the Light?

You can also use the journal sheet for Contemplation (available in Introduction to Module 2).


What have you noticed in your contemplation? Please go to discussion board and share your thoughts or insight.

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