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Issues & Contemplation: Sacral Center Copy

1. Sacral Center Issues

2. Contemplation


To write in your online journal for contemplation, click the “Take Notes” button.
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When it comes to the sacral center, the focus is on the relationships with people and things. Coming from within you is the way you see this world, that is your perception and belief system.

  • What are your desires and intent when it comes to relationship and things? Are they healthy (e.g., do they empower you or nourish you?)
  • Is there any pattern of co-dependency in your relationships? A healthy relationship should be an inter-dependent one. The two persons honor their individual self and support each other without unduly sacrificing oneself so that both parties benefit.
  • Do you set clear boundaries between the outer world, be it with people or things?

You can also use the journal sheet for Contemplation (available in Introduction to Module 2).


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