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Issues & Contemplation: Third Eye Chakra Copy

1. Third Eye Chakra Issues

2. Contemplation


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When it comes to the third eye chakra, the focus is on true perception.

  • Do you make snappy conclusions? Are you able to perceive reality as it is? (For example, when you watch news, you may form an opinion about an incident and conclude.  You may even be disturbed emotionally. The truth is, there can be many factors that contribute to an incident. What we learned of are only a limited perspective. Hence, one should look at it from different perspectives before making a conclusion. This may include finding out the facts etc. This is not just about an intellectual process, it is also about using the all-seeing eye to know the truth. In this way, one feels at peace and harmonious.)
  • Do you see yourself putting analytical thinking over intuition? Give an example.
  • Are your opinions easily shaped by others, including family, friends, and the media?
  • Think of a situation in which you see duality in this world? What perspective would you have on this?

You can also use the journal sheet for Contemplation (available in Introduction to Module 2).


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