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Issues & Contemplation: Throat Chakra Copy

1. Throat Chakra Issues

2. Contemplation


To write in your online journal for contemplation, click the “Take Notes” button.
(To access all your notes, click on the “My Notes” link on the left navigation panel. You will be able to edit, download and print all your notes.)

When it comes to the throat chakra, the focus is on the power to choose and its sustenance. 

  • Do you have a strong desire for power and control? Examine your intent. What motivates you?
  • Do you focus on problem solving activities and getting things done?
  • Do you create a very busy schedule for yourself, leaving little ‘me time’?
  • Do you stop and consider your thoughts before you say something?
  • How comfortable are you in expressing yourself or listening to others?
  • Do you often feel nervous or full of mental distress without outer reasons?

You can also use the journal sheet for Contemplation (available in Introduction to Module 2).


What issues resonate with you? Please go to discussion board and share your thoughts or insight.

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