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Lessons & Ways to Heal: Solar Plexus Copy

1. Solar Plexus Lessons and Key


Suggested visualization: Visualize yourself surrounded by a pillar of the ruby/gold ray. See and feel it penetrates every cell, electron, molecule and physical  body system, including your subtle bodies (etheric, mental and emotional). You may expand this flame to others and the surroundings.

Suggested decrees: Beloved Presence of God in me. Charge me with the ruby/gold ray of PEACE. I AM manifesting the peace and tranquility of God. I vow to be an instrument of God’s peace in action.  

2. Ways to Heal the Solar Plexus Chakra

  •  Gemstones: Amber Citrine. Tiger’s Eye.
  •  Essential oil: Lemongrass. Neroli. Ylang Ylang.


What lessons resonate with you most and/or what action(s) will you take to heal your solar plexus chakra? Please go to discussion board and share your thoughts.

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