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Soul Bodies

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  • Your Soul Bodies are part of a divine blueprint structure consisting of the Physical, Etheric, Emotional, Mental, and Spiritual Bodies. When you manifest, these bodies allow you to experience, express, learn, and grow using your highest potential. 
  • Of the 5 parts of your Soul Bodies, only the physical one is dense in matter and the rests are invisible. Your Soul Bodies work in tandem among themselves and you need to use all your Soul Bodies at the same time to become your entire being. However, you normally spend most of your time focusing on manifesting the physical and neglect other Soul Bodies.  
  • For most humans, the Soul Bodies are formed in stages of development. Before 7 years of age both your Physical and Etheric Bodies are formed. Around 8 to 20, your Emotional Body. Around 21- 34, your Mental Body. and after that your Spiritual Body. When you command the five Soul Bodies in a balanced manner, you manifest Love, Wisdom, Power, Peace and Freedom.

More Inspiration

Dr Valerie Hunt’s YouTube video 

According to scientists, the Soul Bodies are known as the biofield. The late Dr Valerie Hunt was the first person to create a device to measure it.  She was a Professor of Physiological Science of UCLA.  Let’s watch her video. 

Workbook – Reflection

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